I came across this article from The Atlantic and felt a new desire to take notes. Really, a quick read but I spent a solid hour reading and rereading the words to understand and consider what they meant to me.


“Even though she wasn’t in politics, she was the person who told me I complained too much at Spelman and if I wanted to change things, I needed do something about it and run for student government. Mainly I think she wanted me to stop bothering her.” –Georgia House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams about Dr. Johnneta Cole former president of Spelman College, whom she identifies as her mentor and the first person to provide meaningful advice about her aspirations.


The message it sent to me:

  1. Stop complaining and do something about it!
    1. Nurses have such acute observation and assessment skills allowing the ability to see the minute details (asymmetric borderlines of a mole concerning for cancer) and the bigger picture (quality of life decisions versus aggressive lifesaving measures).
  2. Surround yourself by people who get things done. You can learn from them from any circumstance; how they handle 5 kids and a household, to a crashing new admission to the unit.
    1. Juggling the lives of children while maintaining some level of sanity as an individual, whoa. I find myself impressed with “stay-at-home” moms on the reg.
    2. Those docs all around us are our friends. You don’t need to date them or want to be a doc to learn from them and pull them in as your own mentor. Steal some of that knowledge they gained in med school and residency. Okay. Don’t steal it, but ask questions, watch procedures they do, listen to them teach. Most are willing to share. We’re a team.


I’m going to become more cognizant of the people I encounter and how they can teach me and what I can teach others.


More to come my friends, more to come.


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